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1. Our Motto:
Our greatest happiness lies in providing best product and best service with best technology and best management so as to meet the requirement of customers!

2. Quality Control:
Facilitate technology and equipment renovation, abide by laws and regulations in administrating factory, adhere to the principle of "quality first, customer first"!

ISO9001: 2000 & ISO14001: 1996 Quality, Environment

management system IN early September 2002, our company successfully passed the certification inspection of ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System and ISO14001: 1996 Environmental Management System by DNV, which covers the designing and manufacturing of dry batteries and rechargeable batteries series. After establishment of Quality Management System according to ISO9002: 1994 in 1997, our company¡¯s performance on production and service quality has improved a lot, and economic benefit increased continuously. Environment protection has always been the focus of our company. In 2001, "Huge" battery was awarded the "Environmental Friendly Product Mark" by China Environment Mark Certification Committee. For the sustained development of our company and also for pollution reduction, resources reservation and reducing resource consumption, our company has been making all possible contribution to environment protection. Adhering to the Motto of "providing best product and best service with best technology and best management, establishing international brand and international reputation, maximizing benefit for customers, enterprise, staff and society" and "abiding by laws and

regulations, protecting environment, preserving pollution, saving resources, keeping improving technology to create maximum benefit", we established our own quality control and environmental management system according to the requirement of ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:1996.
Quality Control Organization:

Headed by General Manager, Our company established the quality control and management system under the principle of centralized leadership and hierarchical responsibilities. Our CTO, assisted by chief engineers, is responsible for specific quality control; Research Center responsible for new product development; Technology Department responsible for application of production technology and field management; Quality Control Department responsible for production process control, raw material purchase and inspection and check of products.

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